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I’m Pauline Le Lann, French concept artist working on animated series, video games and feature film projects.
With a traditionally trained art background, and advanced 2D digital skills, I can offer a high degree of expertise and create high-quality 2D environments.

After I started studying biology, I decided to move into the graphic design and the animation studies.
I moved in Nantes and started my study. After making two shorts movies as a student and two internships, I have been graduated of a diploma in 2D animation at Pivaut. My intership offer me to have my first job on working on a feature animation movie as a colorist background.

After that, I Work at Studio Hari in Paris as a concept artist during a year and a half. I mainly designing Props (design + color) and did FX references for the 3D team. Since then, I work at Ubisoft on Just dance games as a concept artist. My job consist to create the univers, mood, asset and background behind the coaches.